Fresh Ingredients.

Unique Flavors.

raspberry marcarpone

A blended combination of mascarpone cream and raspberry sorbet

caramel apple

A blended combination of caramel and tart green apple sorbet

coconut mango

A blended combination of coconut cream and mango sorbet

honey mascarpone

A blended combination of coconut cream and mango sorbet

florida punch

A unique blend of Florida citrus with a hint of vanilla

ginger sesame

A sweet ginger cream with toasted sesame seeds and honey ribbon

pomegranate green apple

A unique blend of two fruits that complements each other

raspberry basil

Tart and sweet with a hint of basil


A classic fruit flavor from south Florida

mexican vanilla

A bold vanilla flavor with a hint of cinnamon


A smooth sweet banana cream

mexican coffee

A spiced Mexican coffee with cinnamon, orange and a hint of clove

coconut banana peanut

A blended combination of coconut and banana cream and peanut butter

italian strawberry

A northern Italian version of strawberry cream with a ribbon of balsamic

mango vanilla

Fresh mango with a touch of vanilla

sweet potato pecan

A southern twist with roasted pecans and South Louisiana cane syrup

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